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Bożena Shallcross

Bożena Shallcross is Associate Professor of Polish Literature at the University of Chicago and the College of the University of Chicago. She is Director of Undergraduate Studies and Academic Advisor for the Interdisciplinary Program at the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures; she also serves as a member of the Board of Directors at the Chicago Center for Jewish Studies and Chair of Reading Cultures Core Sequence, and she is a faculty member in the Committee on Creative Writing and the Program on Poetry and Poetics.
Over the years her research interests have evolved from the interart studies to the culturalist approach to the Holocaust. This trajectory is exemplified in her book publications, including The Holocaust Object in Polish and Polish Jewish Culture (Indiana UP 2011); Rzeczy i Zagłada (self-translated into Polish, Universitas 2010); Through the Poet's Eye: The Travels of Zagajewski, Herbert, and Brodsky (Northwestern UP 2002; 2008 2nd edition); and Cień i forma. O wyobraźni plastycznej Leopolda Staffa (Glob 1987). She also edited The Effect of Palimpsest: Culture, Literature, History (Peter Lang 2011; co-edited with Ryszard Nycz); Polish Encounters /Russian Identity (Indiana University Press, 2005; co-edited with David L. Ransel), Framing the Polish Home: Postwar Cultural Constructions of Hearth, Nation, and Self (Ohio UP 2002), The Other Herbert (Indiana Slavic Studies 1998), Dom romantycznego artysty (Wydawnictwo Literackie 1989).