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Philip Levine


Philip Levine is US Poet Laureate 2011-2012
He is also Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet (1994) and National Book Award-winner (1991). He taught for over thirty years at the English Department of California State University, Fresno and held teaching positions at other universities as well.

“One of our most resonant voices of social conviction and witness...” —David Baker

"[Levine] is one of those poets whose work is so emotionally intense, and yet so controlled, so concentrated, that the accumulative effect of reading a number of his related poems can be shattering." — Joyce Carol Oates

"What gives Levine's work its urgency is that impulse to commemorate, the need to restore to life people who were never, despite their deadening work, dead things themselves, and who deserve to be rescued from the longer death of being forgotten." —New York Times

Philip Levine is the eighteenth United States Poet Laureate for 2011-2012. Upon his appointment, Librarian of Congress James H. Billington said in a statement, "Philip Levine is one of America's great narrative poets. His plainspoken lyricism has, for half a century, championed the art of telling 'The Simple Truth'...."