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Patricia Barber
Patricia Barber is an internationally renowned jazz vocalist, pianist, and composer. She has released nine CDs as a leader for Premonition Records and Blue Note Records, and is a recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship for Composition.
Justyna Bargielska
Justyna Bargielska. Poet, a social activist, and a writer. Bargielska is the winner of the 2010 and the 2011 Gdynia Literary Prize and a nominee for the 2011 NIKE Prize. 
Katarzyna Bazarnik
Katarzyna Bazarnik is a literary theorist, translator, and co-author of “liberatic” books. She studies the work of James Joyce at the Jagiellonian University’s Institute of English Studies, where she is an Assistant Professor.
Stephen Burt
Stephen Burt is Professor of English at Harvard. His books includeThe Art of the Sonnet, with David Mikics (2010); Close Calls with Nonsense: Reading New Poetry (2009); and Parallel Play (poems; 2006). 
Clare Cavanagh
Clare Cavanagh teaches Slavic and Comparative Literatures at Northwestern University. Her most recent book, Lyric Poetry and Modern Politics: Russia, Poland,
and the West
(Yale UP, 2010), received the 2011 National Book
Critics Circle Prize in Criticism. 
Zenon Fajfer
Zenon Fajfer is a poet, a writer and theorist of Liberature, and a playwright. He is a co-founder of the Liberature Reading Room in Kraków and the editor of the Liberature series published by Ha!art.

Regretfully, due to unforeseen visa troubles, we must cancel FISZ/EMADE concert during the After Milosz Festival on September, 30. We will do our best to bring artists to Chicago another time.

Jorie Graham
Jorie Graham. Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet “One of the most intelligent poets in the language. .. [Graham] is like no one else, neither in her rhythms nor in her insistence on opening up, scrutinizing, and even reversing our experience of time and space.” —Times Literary Supplement
“Graham stands among a small group of poets (Dickinson, Hopkins, Moore), whose styles are so personal that the poems seem to have no author at all: they exist as self-made things.” —The Nation


Oren Izenberg
Oren Izenberg is the English Department Visiting Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His first book, Being Numerous: The Poetic Imagination of the Ground of Social Life (Princeton 2011), describes the ways in which 20th century poets responded to a century of crisis and rethought, by means of their art, the question of what counts as a person. 
Grzegorz Jankowicz
Grzegorz Jankowicz (Tygodnik Powszechny, Korporacja Ha!art) – a critic, literary scholar, essayist, editor and translator. An affiliate of the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities of the Jagiellonian University.
Marzanna B. Kielar

Marzanna Bogumila Kielar lives in Warsaw, where she lectures in philosophy.

fot. A. Muzińska

Philip Levine

Philip Levine is US Poet Laureate 2011-2012
He is also Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet (1994) and National Book Award-winner (1991). He taught for over thirty years at the English Department of California State University, Fresno and held teaching positions at other universities as well.

Michał P. Markowski
Michał Paweł Markowski is the Hejna Family Chair in Polish Language and Literature and Head of Department of Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 
Benjamin Paloff
Benjamin Paloff grew up in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and was educated at Harvard and at the University of Michigan, where he is currently assistant professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures and of Comparative Literature.
Christina Pugh
Christina Pugh is the author of two books of poems: Restoration (Northwestern University Press /TriQuarterly Books, 2008) and Rotary (Word Press, 2004), which received the Word Press First Book Prize. She has also published a chapbook, Gardening at Dusk (Wells College Press, 2002). 

Mira Rosenthal
Mira Rosenthal is the author of the poetry collection The Local World and the translator of several books by Polish poet Tomasz Rożycki.

Tomasz Różycki
Tomasz Różycki born in 1970, is a poet and translator. He lives in Opole. His published volumes of poetry are: Vaterland (1997), Anima (1999), Chata umaita (Country Cottage, 2001), Świat i Antyświat (World and Antiworld, 2003), Kolonie (Colonies, 2006), and the epic poem
Dwanaście stacji (Twelve Stations, 2004).
Bożena Shallcross
Bożena Shallcross is Associate Professor of Polish Literature at the University of Chicago and the College of the University of Chicago. She is Director of Undergraduate Studies and Academic Advisor for the Interdisciplinary Program at the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures; she also serves as a member of the Board of Directors at the Chicago Center for Jewish Studies and Chair of Reading Cultures Core Sequence, and she is a faculty member in the Committee on Creative Writing and the Program on Poetry and Poetics.
Charles Simic
Charles Simic. US Poet Laureate (2007-2008) Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet
“Charles Simic's writing comes dancing out on the balls of its feet, colloquially fit as a fiddle.” —Seamus Heaney
“There are few poets writing in America today who share his lavish appetite for the bizarre, his inexhaustible repertoire of indelible characters and gestures...Simic is perhaps our most disquieting muse.” — Harvard Review

Piotr Sommer
Piotr Sommer is poet, translator, editor and essayist. He regularly gives lectures at American universities and has earned various awards.
Adam Zagajewski
 Adam Zagajewski. Acclaimed Polish Poet
“Seldom has the muse...spoken to anyone with such clarity and urgency as in Zagajewski's case.” —Joseph Brodsky
“Zagajewski is now one of the most familiar and highly regarded names in poetry both in Europe and in this country.” —New York Review of Books